Appraisal Services

Islands Real Estate and Appraisal Company offers appraisal and valuation services to Liberty, Long, Bryan, Chatham and Effingham Counties in Southeastern Georgia. Our licensed and certified staff appraisers possess the experience and knowledge necessary to take on any job, large or small.


If you are looking for an appraisal to establish a list price for the sale of a property, you may be better served by a no-cost Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from one of our experienced agents. Contact any one of our REALTORs® to schedule an appointment.


For all other purposes, such as collateral valuation in connection with a loan, bankruptcy, property tax disputes, condemnation valuations, litigation, etc., contact our office at (912)884-5862 to initiate an order. We are experienced in both residential and commercial properties in Liberty, Long, Bryan, Chatham and Effingham Counties.


DONALD L. BOYCE is a general certified appraiser who has been licensed since 1991 and handles the appraisal of residential properties throughout the area. He is a member of the VA fee appraiser’s panel and is also FHA certified.

BRANDON L. BOYCE is also a general certified appraiser and has been licensed since 2002. He specializes in commercial property and complex assignments and has been qualified by the courts as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions.


Below is an example of some of the most common types of appraisals that we perform. If you are in need of an appraisal related service that is not listed below or if you are looking for an expert witness for testimony, please call us at (912)884-5862 to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

  • Conventional Appraisals : The most common type of residential report involving an interior and exterior inspection with more than one approach to value and on a standard URAR (1004 Form). These must be ordered through your lender in the form of a written appraisal request.
  • VA Appraisals : Very similar to a standard conventional appraisal, however performed to meet Department of Veteran Affairs guidelines and only utilizes the direct sales comparison approach to value. V.A. assignments are distributed by random selection from the members of the V.A. fee panel.
  • FHA Appraisals : A more thorough inspection and reporting requirements on a URAR (1004 Form) and utilizing additional addenda required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Personal Valuation Appraisals : Residential, land and commercial appraisals for personal valuation purposes are available in several different methods and reporting options.
  • PMI Elimination Appraisals : Often a homeowner can remove private mortgage insurance (P.M.I.) from his/her monthly mortgage payment if enough equity exists in the property (at least 20% equity). A PMI removal appraisal is done for this purpose and generally resembles a standard conventional appraisal.
  • Divorce, Litigation and Estate Appraisals : Performed for attorneys, these types of appraisals can take several forms depending on the type of property and the reason needed.
  • Relocation Appraisals : Used in corporate relocations, these appraisals generally focus more on valuation for marketing purposes and show deep market analysis within the report.
  • REO Appraisals : REO (Real Estate Owned) appraisals are performed in anticipation of or after a foreclosure for the purposes of establishing a market value for use in pricing a property and preparing it to sell. This type of appraisal additionally focuses on the scope of all repairs needed to make a property marketable.
  • 2055 Drive-By/Exterior Appraisals : Based off of a drive-by (curbside) inspection of a property and public records and performed on a shorter form. Typically used in loan transactions with a very low loan to value ratio or for bank portfolio valuation purposes.
  • Commercial/Narrative Appraisals : Narrative appraisals are generally used for transactions involving commercial property and are in expanded format. The approaches to value in a commercial report can vary with the type of property being appraised and the report is provided as a narrative paper explaining in depth the reasoning, methods and analysis involved in the appraisal as well as all conclusions and an estimate of value.

Appraisals involved in a lending transaction must be ordered by the lender or appraisal management company and must be in writing. Requests can be faxed to (912)884-4045 or sent via email to Appraisal fees may be paid with cash or check only, unfortunately we can not accept credit cards at this time. Some orders may require payment at or before the inspection appointment. For more information, please call (912)884-5862.